A Grateful November

Soups are often simmering in our home to beat the cold and we’re bundled in sweaters and sweatshirts on most days. The children are typically wearing 3 layers of clothing already, and I wonder again how I used to be able to survive the icy east coast winters with snow! We’ve had streaks of nice sunny days which, though quite frigid, were otherwise great in November. Timothy got to experience a number of firsts this month including ice skating, fresh popcorn, his own cup of hot chocolate, and a TV show (Hammy Hamster) and enjoyed them all.

Grace gets so many brother kissesWith much more neccessary supervision these days, Timothy and Grace are playing together more. It is just too cute sometimes to hear Timothy sing and read to his sister when I’m out of the room. The big smiles and giggles Grace has for her brother are some of best things I get to witness each week.

Grace is pulling herself up to stand often, is a pro at navigating single steps now so she can freely moves around our first floor. She also does some push-up looking exercise moves while busily exploring things we try to keep out of her reach and is becoming quite adept at standing. She’s still our calm and happy little girl, but has definitely had more feisty moments recently. She also has a penchant for garbage cans so we need to keep a close eye on her in our upstairs rooms.

Such a musical hamTimothy’s singing has improved and fills the house everyday with hymns and children’s songs. I was actually concerned he may be tone-deaf when he started singing a lot several months ago, but his latest improvements have dispelled that thought. I guess it just takes some time for little ones to find the notes. 🙂 He knows most of the letters of the alphabet now and is been starting to count more consistently in both languages. As with earlier this year, Timothy continues to call out sister’s latest milestones with surprise  – “Baby is awake!”, “Baby is moving!”, “Sister is crawling”, “Sister is standing!”. It’s been cute to watch him notice her development.

We hope you’re enjoying this Advent season!