A calm January-early February

Breaking in new boots

With sunny days to enjoy, a meaningful baby shower thrown to welcome Grace, and the big blessing of having Grandma Ma already here to help us out, it’s been a great month+ counting down to the second child’s arrival in our family. It seems Timothy is more aware of a big impending change about to happen, so some days have been especially challenging with fragile moods and clingy tendencies. Unfortunately this also means Timothy experiencing more of his mama’s selfishness and impatience these days. However, we’re also having more sweet moments together and I’m cherishing the more frequent and affectionate snuggles, kisses, and “conversations”. Timothy’s language development has really taken off and it’s been fun to hear him communicate his thoughts and desires through strings of words. It certainly has kept me on my toes as I explain more situations and reasons behind rules and try to discipline consistently. He remembers a lot and shows understanding now so that’s been helpful, too!

Enjoying Redmond Toddler Group

I’m amazed at how much Timothy has grown since his little newborn days, and even since several months ago. While grateful for the technology we have to document some stages, I’m sad that once many cute phases are over, they’re truly gone and live only in our fallible memories. Spending more focused attention on Timothy has felt more precious, and I’m thankful I’ve gotten to enjoy this time with him. Although it’s hard to remember sometimes, I know I’ll miss that he sometimes begs for food all day long even after eating, doesn’t like being without me, requests lots of songs to be played and sung, flips through books to hunt for animals and food, and asks for hugs when he is older and outgrows needing us (especially me) so much.

We can’t wait to announce Grace Elizabeth’s arrival in our next post to this blog and appreciate you keeping up with our family!