Fun in May

Ballin’ on a hot day

This month brought many outdoor activities for us. I’ve been excited to see our garden continue to bloom and Grace grow so much. Timothy’s sentences are getting longer and more varied everyday in both languages. The sounds of pitter-pattering feet, toddler chatter and laughter, and baby coos and laughs fill our home and delight us daily. Mother’s Day was especially sweet this year as we dedicated Grace with our church family and enjoyed a nice brunch afterwards. We realize we’re in a sweet spot of convenience with eating out as a family now since Timothy eats most table foods with us and Grace’s meals are always ready to go. 😉

Taking Grace for a spin


Andrew wrapped up his time at Amazon this month, and took an extended long weekend with us before starting at Groupon. We look forward to visiting him at the new office in the International District soon for lunch dates. Timothy will definitely miss visiting all the dogs around Amazon when he discovers that Papa’s new workplace doesn’t have dogs-a-plenty. I’m happy for Andrew in this great management opportunity and look forward to him settling into his role there.

Taking Stewie for a spin

Our flowers are beautiful this spring, giving extra good reason for us to be outside exploring and taking them in. Some helpful birds or bees brought deep purple and white irises as elegant additions to our garden. The pink peonies have grown in yield and are as gorgeous as ever this year. We’ve been enjoying picnics on our front lawn and at the nearby parks. Timothy asks to picnic outside and continues to enjoy playing with the kids in our neighborhood. The baby bunnies in our yard are also fascinating to him – they’re so fast compared to Stewie rabbit who hops around leisurely…or maybe it’s his old age. 😉

Summer is just around the corner – yay!